Well, hey there!

By: gabrielle

Feb 02 2009

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Thanks for stopping by!  Come on in and put your feet up!  Yep, right there on the coffee table, we’re real casual around here.  Can I get you something to drink?  Tea?  Sun Drop?  High Life?

I’m Gabrielle.  I live in rural eastern North Carolina.

(It doesn’t usually snow here in eastern NC.)

Rural life is very inconvenient sometimes.  There’s no Target, no mall, no fancy grocery stores within an hour of here.  There’s fields and woods and tiny little towns, and miles and miles of country road.

But what we lack in conveniences, we make up for in scenery.

I can’t wait to show you around my little piece of the map.  It’s slow and quiet and still, and there’s not much to do other than wait and watch and listen.  There’s no bright lights or big city. 

At night, the sidewalks are empty.  The roads are quiet except for the occasional roar of an 18-wheeler.   The few street lights are dim and limpid. There’s nowhere to go, not much to do, nothing to see.

But- you can see the stars.


3 comments on “Well, hey there!”

  1. Aww, I wanna see the starts! Out here in my medium-city neck of the woods I can see a few stars. Sometimes. On a cold, clear night. 🙂

    Ok, it’s not *that* bad but I bet your view is quite “stellar”. (hah! get it?)

  2. oops. “stars”, not “starts”. crap. i just finished my push-ups set and my arms is tired. they hurt a little actually…

  3. Oh, man. So punny. 🙂

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