A house is not a home…

By: gabrielle

Feb 16 2009

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It’s a cold, grey morning. I’m out running errands, which around here means almost 30 minutes, one-way, just to get some bananas and oatmeal. On the way home, I get the notion to go down an unfamiliar road. It’s hard to believe that there are still unfamiliar roads around here, but there are many, and every so often I find something interesting I’ve never seen before.

This house was pretty once. Now it’s sad…

…and a bit foreboding.

This house is fascinating to me; it just feels…eerie. I heard the door creak open while I was taking pictures, and it thrilled and frightened me. And it was the middle of the morning! I can’t get up close to it, as the land is posted, but it is on a sparsely traveled country road and there is a generous shoulder, so I’ll certainly be back for more. I can’t wait to get back to this location, at twilight, or dawn, or a bright, sunny day when the wind is not biting and I have found my gloves again.


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