Across the Field

By: gabrielle

Feb 16 2009

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Since I was off the beaten path, I decided to take an alternate route home. When I was almost ready to turn on the main road into our town, I noticed this out of the corner of my eye, in a bare field.

Do you see it?

Don’t worry, I’d never noticed before, either.

It’s a graveyard! If there’s something I love even more than a brokedown old house, it’s a graveyard.

I don’t know who these folks are, but the last name is fairly common around here. The graves are untended, and as far as I know, the field is in use during the warmer months.

Bulbs are trying to make their way up, a reminder of days when someone watched over these resting places.

I love small graveyards, and I stop and photograph them as often as possible. Sometimes the gravestones are works of art, sometimes they are simple, and sometimes they are absent. Sometimes, they are in excellent repair, sometimes they are just a bit untended, like this one, and sometimes, they are completely in shambles. Always, they are a reminder to me that these were real people, people who were loved enough for someone to make a physical mark on the land in their memory. Even if there is no one left that remembers them, I can respect their lives by photographing their graves and reminding myself to make my mark on the lives of my loved ones, before we also are just memories and stones.


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