Good (rainy) morning!

By: gabrielle

Mar 13 2009

Category: Uncategorized

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Well, hello there, young lady!

It’s cold and rainy and I overslept and the Kid had to eat a granola bar for breakfast, which I still feel guilty about, and I hadn’t had any coffee yet and I couldn’t go take pictures, because I have nowhere to put them, because my computer and external HD are all full and gah and ugh and blah was my morning, when we happened by this tree on the way to school. He (yes, I have already anthropomorphized the tree, okay?) was standing there with his huge open arms, like he was ready to give me a big ole hug and a mug of hot chocolate. With Rumple Minze in it.

Do you see it, too, or have I just not had enough coffee this morning?


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