By: gabrielle

Jun 18 2009

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I planted these blackberry bushes not too long after we first moved back here, almost three years ago. Now they are producing their first tentative berries. And now we are leaving.

I’ve neglected this blog for the past few weeks for various reasons: the business of wrapping up the school year, gearing up to move, and also, the sadness of facing the beauty of my home- the home I grew up in, the home I moved back to, and the home that I am leaving again, for the last time.

I’m excited to be moving, but sad to leave this all behind. I’ve had longer than most to prepare, but it still feels like it’s coming very fast, without warning. But you have to leave the old sometimes to tend to the new, cut the old growth back to encourage new sprouts, pull off the deadheads if you want more buds. It’s the way of nature, and it’s right and good, but it’s not easy.

But I have many more pictures to show you, and even some more left to take, before my days here are up. I hope you’ll come back and visit with me soon! (Or just subscribe to the handy-dandy feed, and I’ll come visit you!) And I know that once I move, I’ll settle in and find more hidden back roads and country views to enjoy in my new locale. We will make a new home, in a new place, but under the same old stars. I can’t wait to share it with you.


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