At the Bend in the Road

Another beautiful old broke down house in Macon, NC.

In general, I try to take realistic shots of things that I find interesting. As much as possible, I try to edit the picture in my head so that it I don't have to do too much work after I press the shutter to get the picture I imagined.

But sometimes, it's fun to mess around with a photo so that it is less a copy of what I saw than a representation of what I felt when I saw something. This house was at the bend of a road lined with old, broken parts- parts of cars, parts of houses, parts of history. The road was paved, but it might as well have been gravel or dirt. Excepting the power lines, it could have been 1910, instead of 2010. It's a scene of equal parts misery and beauty, and I hope this image conveys that sense.


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